I'm getting ready for a trip to Portland Maine to do some post production on the "Apostrophe" DVD with Kurt and Gregg from Current Motion. - updated 2014-10-03 22:51:06 UTC
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Being the best Father I can be to Zola Frank Zappa and Ceylon Indira Zappa. Marsican.
Anything to do with Marsican, playing guitar, playing golf - even though I have no time for it anymore. One day I'll get back to it... maybe pretty soon... Fitness, P90X. Pursuing happiness., and P90X. Pursuing happiness.
I enjoy it but I don't have time for it.
No time for those either. My favorite movie growing up was Time Bandits. The Robin Hood part in particular. OY SHNAY DE HADE... Is that extremely necessary? Yes, he's afraid it is..., and he's afraid it is...
Yes... I really like it. Especially Frank Zappa music.
About me:

I play guitar a little bit...

  • Normand C.

    Heard it on the news today - Jack Bruce, age 71, passed away in his home in England. I first became aware of Bruce when I first heard Apostrophe. His glory days with Cream happened she I was 7 and younger, so I never really got into their music. But I was blown away by the extraordinary heavy and fuzzed tone of his bass in Apostrophe. This piece became my favorite of this album and one of my favorite Zappa piece. And the only way to listen to it is at maximum volume - like the guy in Spinal Tap would say "These go to eleven". This is how you listen to Apostrophe!

  • Mars

    How did you make out with the National Kidney Foundation walk here in Philly? Sorry I wasn't able to join you there, I wanted to but as usual other life commitments prevented me from doing the actual walk in town. It's def a great cause though, I know quite a few people who have benefited from the foundation so I am always happy to donate. 
     I'm thrilled you made your goal! 
     Hey... anyone else who's reading this and still wants to donate on Dweezil's page for the foundation here is his link.
    National Kidney Foundation/Dweezil Zappa

  • Kait. P

    I hope you get your strat back, Dweezil. 

    Some people are just scummy. :( 

  • tb818

    Hey Dweezil,

    Hope everything is well. Excited to see you at the Lunar Bay Festival today! I'll be playing myself with Carl Filipiak at 5. Can't wait!

  • Ciaran Cunningham

    Belated birthday wishes Dweezil...hope you had a good one!

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I'm getting ready for a trip to Portland Maine to do some post production on the "Apostrophe" DVD with Kurt and Gregg from Current Motion. Comment

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