I'm getting ready for a trip to Portland Maine to do some post production on the "Apostrophe" DVD with Kurt and Gregg from Current Motion. - updated 2014-10-03 22:51:06 UTC
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Being the best Father I can be to Zola Frank Zappa and Ceylon Indira Zappa. Marsican.
Anything to do with Marsican, playing guitar, playing golf - even though I have no time for it anymore. One day I'll get back to it... maybe pretty soon... Fitness, P90X. Pursuing happiness., and P90X. Pursuing happiness.
I enjoy it but I don't have time for it.
No time for those either. My favorite movie growing up was Time Bandits. The Robin Hood part in particular. OY SHNAY DE HADE... Is that extremely necessary? Yes, he's afraid it is..., and he's afraid it is...
Yes... I really like it. Especially Frank Zappa music.
About me:

I play guitar a little bit...

  • Kait. P

    See you April 11th! Keswick! :)

    Have you guys ever played the song Charva? It's becoming an odd favorite. :P 

  • Edward P.

    Thanks for reading this message or sharing with Dweezil. Dweezil I do not know if you will see this but in the 1980's when you released Havin' A Bad Day my family had the album in central Maine. My brother was a guitar fanatic and wrote you a long letter. He must have been 14. You send this three page letter with a gray guitar pick in it back. It had like two pages of chords. My brother came running up the driveway as if he had just won a billion dollars. It was an extremely exciting event in our youth. It really meant a lot to us. More than I could ever put into words. I see you are in Portland. My brother now lives in Portland Maine far from our humble farm days in central Maine. He works with troubled children. You should go see him he probably knows the restaraunts in Portland better than anyone. They are great people and I know there is a really good story behind all this. The album at the time was quite rare in these parts and you were a teenager at the time. I am curious if you remember this since the letter was so detailed with chords and what not. It truly was a very special day in our youth. Have a great day and enjoy Portland. Happy Holidays.

  • David D

    here's the other cover i have with hendrix guitar...happy thankgiving

  • Hutch

    Coming to San Antonio!!!    It is okay.  You are safe here.

    I can't wait.  Already bought two tix.  The Aztec is a fantastic venue.



  • Lisa S.

    Congrats on your new album!! I've already pre-ordered my CD :)

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