We are playing a big concert in Buenos Aires tonight! It falls on my daughter Ceylon's birthday. I will be asking the audience to sing happy birthday to her later tonight and record it for her. - updated
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Being the best Father I can be to Zola Frank Zappa and Ceylon Indira Zappa. Marsican.
Anything to do with Marsican, playing guitar, playing golf - even though I have no time for it anymore. One day I'll get back to it... maybe pretty soon... Fitness, P90X. Pursuing happiness., and P90X. Pursuing happiness.
I enjoy it but I don't have time for it.
No time for those either. My favorite movie growing up was Time Bandits. The Robin Hood part in particular. OY SHNAY DE HADE... Is that extremely necessary? Yes, he's afraid it is..., and he's afraid it is...
Yes... I really like it. Especially Frank Zappa music.
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I play guitar a little bit...

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Riviera Maya Jazz Fest
Friday November 27, 2015 at 8:00 PM
Riviera Maya Jazz Fest

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Hello Everyone, I'm currently in France (We are playing the Juans Le Pins Jazz Festival) and I'm working on last minute bits and pieces for the art package of "Via Zammata'." It's all coming together at long last! There are......Read more