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Being the best Father I can be to Zola Frank Zappa and Ceylon Indira Zappa. Marsican.
Anything to do with Marsican, playing guitar, playing golf - even though I have no time for it anymore. One day I'll get back to it... maybe pretty soon... Fitness, P90X. Pursuing happiness., and P90X. Pursuing happiness.
I enjoy it but I don't have time for it.
No time for those either. My favorite movie growing up was Time Bandits. The Robin Hood part in particular. OY SHNAY DE HADE... Is that extremely necessary? Yes, he's afraid it is..., and he's afraid it is...
Yes... I really like it. Especially Frank Zappa music.
About me:

I play guitar a little bit...

  • Eduardo Gonzalo M.

    Dweezil all my love, Jesus is the lord, Trust in Jesus, good night my friend Dweezil.

  • Eduardo Gonzalo M.

    Dweezil, so good brother, i send hugs,

  • floss

    Thanks for the message Dweezil.  Can't wait to see (hopefully) both gigs.  Hope you and family had a great holiday.

  • David C.

    Dweezil, Very impressive performance in the Chopped kitchen last evening. Your charity has been brought to a national stage and should benefit from the notoriety. How do you find time to do all that you do? Amazing individual!!!

  • floss


    Dweezil - we heard you are doing a solo gig before Festival Hall London in October.  Can you confirm venue as we want to book.  Just booked tickets for Festival Hall after seeing it listed on IdiotBastard.com and find we had already booked them months ago.  Damn ageing memory and that panic when you see a ZPZ gig advertised! We will be booking to stay overnight in London as we live too far away to come twice so want to make sure we get tickets for your solo gig.  Looking forward to it, but please confirm asap so we can avoid an unnecessary hotel expense if your gig is not the night before, or we are too late to get tickets for it.  Thanks.

    BTW gig is listed on your Tour Dates as 19 October but Festival Hall says 18 October as did your email back in April when we obviously booked the first time!  Anyone not got tickets wants to buy them face value from us when they arrive?

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Dweezil posted the blog post Lyric help!

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