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Hi everyone! My name is Dario Vero. I?m a pro guitar player, composer, arranger and producer. Music has always been my passion, so I started playing and composing since I was a little boy?just for fun. When I turned 14 my music teachers introduced me into the music-biz, and by the age of 16 I started to do session work thanks to several recommendations from important musicians. From that moment on I suddenly was catapulted to the most renowned stages, studios and productions all over the world like: Steve Vai Festival, Boss Loop Station World Championship, Energie,Virgin Territory ? Eagle Pictures, LPM,Bridgestone, Festival di San Remo, Rai tv, Rhys Chatham and many more? I also work as an endorser for: Eventide, Roland/Boss and Earth-tone pedals. Right now I?m working hard as a side man for many important studios and I?m gonna release my first solo album. I enjoy making music, listening to Frank Zappa, Steve Vai, Mike Landau and Mike Keneally? make long walks in the woods with my girlfriend, collaborating online, perform in studio and create everyday something new. Hope to see ya asap on stage !!! Bye bye !!! " http://www.facebook.com/wwwDARIOVEROcom http://www.youtube.com/wwwDARIOVEROcom
  • David -Just another noodler.......

    Hi Dario - thanks for the request!
    Nice playing, btw. Great stuff

  • Gary

    Let's be clear. I am not one to stand behind a curtain or withhold his opinion on the differences between a Frank Zappa composition that is composed and arranged by the composer and a talented musician who comes along and puts his own twist on a composition. I remain steadfast on my original commentary where it is clear you are having fun and performing the basic melody well. Your talents on guitar and putting together music are clearly evident. I am sure you are well aware that Frank Zappa the American Composer had specific arrangements in mind. While Uncle Meat has a well known melody the modern 20tieth century percussion is very much a part of the composition. I am not all that fond of what Band From Utopia has done with that composition. Sure fine musicians but that is yet another example of the differences between the composers intent and what other musicians do. If an when you should ever have the opportunity to dig deeper into the composers intent I for one will call for a hootenany.  I believe that you have talents that have yet to be revealed, hopefully something that is yet even far superior to your arrangement of Uncle Meat. I can only hope you have the opportunity to deliver such. Peace. 


    nice to make your acquaintance.  i'm looking forward to checking out your music!

  • L.o.u.i.s

    hi, thanks for the add, you know about guitar sound ?

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