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Having a little fun at an Oldie but a Goodie.

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  • thepoodlebites

    Yes.. It's a PRS Starla.

  • Denis G.

    Ace, as im still learing electric, this is super, i rember hearing this, early 70`s and we, 3  0f us, into rock of course, couldnt believ it was the Hollies, not that im knocking that band, the great G Nash is a big fav of mine, but, nice sound, is that a PRS??


  • Gary

    I am still hoping you can get that software I had suggested that removes the instrument you are comping along to. It would be nice to hear you isolated without the main guitar parts you are comping with. I never tried to play along to this one but it certainly a song that was all about fun times for me. The Hollies Long Cool Woman In  Black Dress brings me back to my grammar school bowling leagues where that was always playing. Thanks for sharing. 

  • GMBG

    Steady improvement - good job