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At Dweezil's request, I have learned one of his own compositions entitled "Fwakstension" off of his album "Automatic." Enjoy!

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  • John F. Ahern

    Very good!  More?

  • Maxwell B.

    Hey Dweezil,

    Thank you! I'll be at Dweezilla-I'm looking forward to it!



  • Tommy Quirk

    Outstanding !!  That really made my night!!

  • Dweezil

    Hey Max,

    This is a strange peice of music made even more strange when trying to incorporate multiple guitar parts into one performance. It was fun to watch. I did all of my parts with two hand tapping. It was interesting to see you try to do that stuff with a pick. I'm looking forward to seeing you at Dweezilla. You're still coming right?

  • Gary

    You have delivered a form of time capsule they put on those long distance space voyages. A bit creepy as I feel I am at an isolated chunk of a  DZ concert in the early 90s. Not that I expect anyone to do this note for note perfect but the feeling of what was going on back then. You brought me back and that's amazing. WOW......