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You all know what music ZLM's dad is listening, but the Mother Of Protection is from Morocco and we listen a lot of Arabic music too. Please enjoy!

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  • Mars

    I miss you all here.

  • John F. Ahern

    ZLM & Mum & Pop...thanks!


  • Samia S.

    Lol  so adorable, Merci Frederic ça fait du bien de voir une réponse aussi spontanée à la musique , il a vraiment le sens du rythme votre bébé. it's in our genes , I play the bendir drum for my nephews from time to time and the little one's bottom starts shaking up and down in its diaper. Even I..when the music started on this one my shoulders started shaking, I bet it's the same for your wife , we can't help it, can we:) thanks so much for posting this!

  • Mars

    I hope this is not a goodbye but perhaps a hello into new and other music videos. I love Z LITTLE MAN!!!! xxx

  • Ze Little Man...I love him too, I will miss him so.

    I can see he prefers Daddies music ;)

    Bye Bye ZLM :"(