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I have been learning a few songs and this is another attempt..

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  • Denis G.

    Well, I thought I wasn’t bad on the electric guitar but, seeing you, I’ll have to do much more practice, excellent.


  • John S.

    Nice job dude!

  • Jesse E.

    Thats actually pretty awesome. Thanks for posting.

  • jaws

    Well done Poodle.

  • Gary

    Yet again another video where you are seemingly having some fun playing along with a general sense of what the basic chords and melodic phrasing is. Ironically it is some of the heavier parts that you are performing well. Some of what you have achieved is quite impressive at this point of your education. What I continue to see is a lack of following  some of the specific rhythm parts, in this case what Page is doing. Early on in some of the clean laid back strumming rhythm parts, there are a number of problems there. It's hard to imagine how someone can do so well at what normally is more difficult and then with the so called easier rhythm parts have quite a few notable errors there. Some suggestions would be to pick up an acoustic guitar and get some practice there. Transcribing the exact rhythms is another way to go about getting those chord progressions to sound as good as it can. When playing rhythm with chords  I always tried to think like a percussionist. Once you know the chords and how to play them it is important to get the rhythm as perfect as intended.  Now this all depends on what your goals are. I enjoy your progress and this generally is impressive. Geez you got some of the harder stuff sounding well. I would suggest to work on your rhythm work. Nice Job.