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Here another peeps, a bit heavy on the Royverb t start, with an old trad tune from Uzbekistan i learnt while on tour there added directly after.Originally titled Bluecolt inspired by a certain woman and Stephen Hawkins work, i stumbed on some of NASAs hubble images and animations after completing the music, the bulb went off in the head and so for 2 days i diligently went about my day editing the snips to put in time to the changes best i could with the software at my disposal the rest is self explanatory really, thx once again for listening

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  • roy marchbank

    I would compose more like it James if i could afford the time i spend at it.I know from posting my unsavory vision to some in bar rock it will never go far but i feel if i cant be true to myself then i have lost everything.It has taken 30 years for me to become self-actualized.. i wouldnt trade it for love nor money, thx for your ears ;)

  • JamesHolt

    Very nice!