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Another attempt at something... I'm playing over a couple of loops I saved over a drum track. It goes on a bit too long but it's just a work in progress....

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  • David -Just another noodler.......

    Thoroughly enjoyed that. It's great to see with every video you've picked up something new and bring it into the track. 

    Like I alway say - 'progress is not possible without a normal deviant'... or something like that.

  • thepoodlebites

    Thanks guys....This is just something that I have made up recently...

    I need to refine it a bit and get it down to around three minutes long.

    A new way to play with myself....I have learned how to loop a little so experimenting with that has been a helpful learning process.

    I'm thinking about having Franks face tattooed on the bottom of my thumb cause that thing sticks so far out I could hang a flag on it....

    Be kinda cool watching Franks face slide up and down my neck watching over my other fingers!

  • Trip

    Sounds good !

  • John Schock

    For a midwest boy you got that surf thing down.  Good job.

  • GMBG

    Great job!  That's the way to play with yourself (and no mess afterwards!). You have made remarkable progress since you started.  We are all proud of you.