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Will that be an Aisle or a Window seat?

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  • David McCain

    Heard this interview over 1000 times. And I still agree with it.

  • frank m.

    If my band would have watched this back in 1982 we might still be in the music business.



  • Samia S.

    Fantastic ! What a sharp mind and tongue He had! He's like one of those mathematicians explaining the curvature of space-time in 2 minutes as if it was easy  and saying "it's so obvious , if you don't get it, not my problem!". I love Frank and Kate Bush is right , He was a very smart man.

  • vinylzappa

    Anyone remember how Frank dealt with the improv dancing around some band members did on stage which obviously irritated him. How he would have the stage lights off and one spotlight on him the entire show. I think he did this for many shows over a couple of years in the eighties.

  • André Barthélémy Muller Grugnardi

    Excellent Teacher as usual!  Visionary but not surprised comind from the MasterWink