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This video is about everyone always in a rush.Hurry, dash, run, race, sprint, bolt, dart, gallop, career, charge, shoot, hurtle, careen, hare, fly, speed, zoom, scurry, scuttle, scamper, hasten; informal tear, belt, pelt, scoot, zip, whip, hotfoot it, leg it, bomb, hightail it.

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    Thank you John I have almost 200 videos.This is one of many places I upload at.I have 3 youtube channels and I am starting to use either friends or my own music.The melting Euphoria videos here are a friend of mines band.Much of the video content now days the artist/film maker has got in contact with me saying very nice things such as you just did and they offer their work to me free just so I use it.I don't make any money from these videos I just try to make people feel better in todays world.If you would like to see more videos that were to big to upload here go to http://www.youtube.com/user/geofffxdwg07?feature=mhsn

  • John Schock

    As I watched this and "Extent of the Lie," it is evident that you have an innate ability to take stunning and imaginative visuals and match them to wonderful and creative musical scores.  It is truly a pleasure to find these little nuggets and sit back and enjoy. Keep up this good work.