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Here's another clip of me playing fragments of School's Out on the Hendrix guitar. You can hear the phase change as Thomas walks around filming.

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  • Bill Cooper



  • John(Lizweedus)

    Truly amazing.



    I am blown away just to look at this historic icon of a machine. A.K.A. The  Zappa  Hendrix  fender strat. If only  this  guitar could  talk. Ill bet first  words  would be WoW! and then Owe!!!  I would love to be blessed with the oppertunity to have my picture taken with you the band and the  famous fender. Now that would be livin in A moment!!!  Enjoy the down under.Stay away from the sting rays. See you on 6/26/12 in roch.n.y. Ill bring the sharpie. Can't wait.Hope my name is on your set list. Some Freak out would be nice. Trouble every day. Man true still to this day.   


  • Pauly T


    Whatever happened with the Fender strat that was going to come out with FZ's face on it? Are there still plans to release it or was that just a one-off for you? If that gets marketed, it would definitely sell.

  • Ed G.

    Dweezil, so what do you think about the Axe II compared to the Ultra? I know the Axe II has twice the processing power, does it really sound better amp tone wise?

    Thank you for your music and Keeping your Father's music alive! :D