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While I was getting my guitar rig ready for the Tonight Show the other day I made this brief video to explain my restoration work to the Hendrix/Zappa strat.

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    So Dweezil wow i am a  new  member at dzw but not to you or your dad. Your pops and me go back to late 60ts the year was 1969 aug a mere 13 years old a damp and dark celler 2 blocks from my home ton.ny. down by the river.   Freak Out,Never will i forget that night growing up in the 70ts was fuc$#*&g GReat.  ( music is the best - F.Z. )    miss you Frank. Dweezil dude i am at every show i can make within 250 mi. radius of buf. n.y. go yankees!!!.8\8\11 w\rtf boss of a show.i got the sharpie.8/17\11 w\rtf cleveland.Well worth the ride from buf.Got sharpie at this show also u know? Well i got 7 zpz shows under my belt and itchin for more have bomb box tickets for rochester show.And g/a tics.for cleaveland show 2012 cant wait Dweezil i would be blessed if i could get our picture taken with the Hendrix Zappa Fender Strat.would look the bomb someday on the wall of my rock\roll man cave. ttly. see u in rochester n.y. 6/26/2012  8 sharp. your best fan Fruie.buffalo n.y.

        PS   missing only 1 set list out of 7 not bad. gotta have them set lists thay mean so much to me. Hi to the band.and u to Joe the vaultmister.  HI to u also Gail your kids are alright!!! oh yeah that m.i.a.set list first zpz show for me.The year was and i will never forget buffalo u.b. center for the art best place in town for sound ( Mon Oct.23 2006 ) thanks again and  Gail thanks to you and Frank for Dweezil.       

    ( Zappa music a great way to start your day- fruie.)            

    Your no.1 Frank and Dweezil Zappa Buffalo Fan!!!

    The Zappa family trust your the best!!!

    The 2006 show reeled me in hook line and sinker. I will never forget this one.O what a night. You know it was great when you have a sh*t eatin grin on your face all night and the next day also. Mon.october 23 2006 U.B.Center for the arts buffalo N.Y. Best place for sound in town.Please swing by here again thanks.              


  • Cosette S.

    March 11, 2012



    I like those notes....:)



    Comments here are very nice! Humorous. I am grinning from ear to ear Purple, Louis, and richard hooper, james and john. The Guitar Player is an interesting magazine. I collect some of them. What about the issues that actually contain the CD's? Anyone of you all collect those?




    I bet Dweezil used to, and may still does hear the comparisons to his father... Moon probably did too. It is not a relevant barometer, I think to compare.. like Jacob Dylan, Julian and Sean Lennon, Zachary Starr and I can guess others.... to their parents really... although an occupational norm, I guess. At any rate, I look at a given artist based on their own merits.

    Richard, I can believe you were being "cheeky"...LOL! Tongue in cheek? :)






  • purpleguitar

    Thers an article on this guitar in Guitar player oct 2011 with The Red hot chilli peppers on the cover and it also has a double page poster of the guitar it's an intersting article.

  • L.o.u.i.s

    Izabella ?

  • Hoopa

    dweez,ur absolutly,allmost as great as your father.IS SUM BIG SHOES TA FILL-lyb,.,.;'';.,hoop