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Wild Fish : Guitares, montage vidéo : Fred Weber

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  • David D

    sounds good to me

  • Fred Weber

    I regret only to have not beater in this moment. Before I had a small studio recording, today I record in my apartment. I have just of old microphones SM58 and a pentium 3. A friend technician sound and guitarist, Rod, which is also on this Internet site, a good chart sound offered. Sometimes it lends to me better microphones and in this moment a very odd instrument: The Theremin. I make just effects with, It's very hard to play with this monophonic instrument. You know this friend is a fan like me of your father, Frank. I believe that he have almost all the discs of Frank Zappa, sincerely, between 80 and 90 CD. He saw you in concert in November in Paris. I regret not being come. I  listened to last published CD of Frank, with the balloon to be inflated inside and another funny trick. ah ah cool. You ridges of good work to publish all these recordings. Your father is a genius, an incredible type-setter with a music very complicated, much of polyrythmy. I find quite dear Dweezil which you play the music of your father so well. When I saw you in concert, I stays filled with wonder, like a child. Thanks to you, I saw once again Steve Vai, Terry Bozzio. Sorry, I am very talkative. To speak with you returns to me very happy. I also speak with Ed Mann on Internet, I find it very nice and accessible. Wink


  • Fred Weber

    Thank You Dear Thepoodlebites, Dear Dweezil, Dear Monica. Yes I used effects during the sound recording but also afterwards during the mixing, a wha-wha on my guitar 12 cords. There are 3 guitars. a rhythmic guitar with the 12 cords, another guitar 12 cords in melody with a wha wha during the mixing, and finally my gibson LesPaul, lead guitar, An improvisation.

  • monica sancristoforo


  • Dweezil

    I like the envelope flange sounds. What are you playing through?