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I'm demonstrating the transition from pristine Clean to Distorted Feedback with natural harmonics while playing Zoot Allures. I use the expression pedal for Fractal 2 to add in the distorted sound and control the blend.

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  • brian s.

    love my axe fx ultra and look forward to exploring more with your creative use of the device. Great Job.  

    ZPZ - minneapolis please again

  • Dom D.

    I love the sound of a guitar and amp (or Fractal) on the edge of cacophony...more please!

    Like David i often demo gear by playing Zoot Allures as it's so open sounding that it lets you really hear the gear breath properly so you can make an informed choice with your ears instead of a rash one with your lust filled heart for that shiny piece of kit that actually in reality sounds like a mashed potato being vomited up by an angry troll when you get it home in the light of day.

  • David H.

    Wow! Now that is using all the frightening tools science has made available!

  • krsna

    Hey dweez nice one....kindly extend the clip longer

  • DaveOC

    Awesome tone Dweezil!