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DZ Testing Freekish Blues Freek Out pedal.

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  • jerome O.

    Good sound!!!  Jérome from Evrecy.


  • Frederic G.

    You know your bussiness that's for sure ! By the way , I had a formidable moment when you performed in Belgium lately ! See you

  • john p.

    Wow Dweezil! 1st time I've heard ya play in I'd say 20+ years and my God have you improved!! A lot too! You really work your pinky a lot which as you know by now is a good thing when it comes to modes! Ya got The Zappa Blood kid so don't ever stop and youll go places! Hahaha! Bad joke! johnnyguit12 

    PS-That pedal is...well, grab your Fulltone OCD or even the new Ibz TScreamer thats all handwired etc! Both are monsters as you well know! I run em thru my Marshall + 1960 cab w Greenbacks and it's very Crossroads (Cream live @ Fillmore in 68 ) type of rounded tone when I use my 335 w/ ryth. p/up w/ tone rolled down! (Love that woman tone!) Do you get off on that tone Dweez? johnnyguit12

  • Marcus Fastenrath

    Hy Dweezil,

    I like those pedals!


  • Christopher Lingsch

    That at times/stages on the volume knob,I guess near 8 or so, almost sounds like a boosted fuzz face or something. Pretty cool pedal.

    Ever try out an Xotic BB or BB+? The channel A side is pretty warmish OD. Not unlike a an OCD but more clarity of the amps tone come through.

    A long time ago a friend of mine built a one of kind pedal he called "The Lizard Wizard". It sounded like a tube screamer- but buried in swamp mud.He claimed it was for playing what he'd call his "lizard leads", indecipherable patterns of sloppy notes that you don't want people to really ,truly hear. 'widdittybooop, widdittyboop,squididittchowshaboing!!......hehehe.It was actually kind of cool though to mess around with. 

    Pedals are to the guitar player as crack is to Tyrone Biggums.