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DZ Testing Freekish Blues Freek Out pedal.

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  • jerome O.

    Good sound!!!  Jérome from Evrecy.


  • Blues tones.....are there ever enough?

  • Frederic G.

    You know your bussiness that's for sure ! By the way , I had a formidable moment when you performed in Belgium lately ! See you

  • john p.

    Wow Dweezil! 1st time I've heard ya play in I'd say 20+ years and my God have you improved!! A lot too! You really work your pinky a lot which as you know by now is a good thing when it comes to modes! Ya got The Zappa Blood kid so don't ever stop and youll go places! Hahaha! Bad joke! johnnyguit12 

    PS-That pedal is...well, grab your Fulltone OCD or even the new Ibz TScreamer thats all handwired etc! Both are monsters as you well know! I run em thru my Marshall + 1960 cab w Greenbacks and it's very Crossroads (Cream live @ Fillmore in 68 ) type of rounded tone when I use my 335 w/ ryth. p/up w/ tone rolled down! (Love that woman tone!) Do you get off on that tone Dweez? johnnyguit12

  • Marcus Fastenrath

    Hy Dweezil,

    I like those pedals!