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Fall Tour 2009

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  • Walter W.

    So father, do son

  • Tweeze

    Wow... the  more of  the  FZ  catalog  I  dive  back  into  the  greater  the  appreciation  for  the   original  composition and   a  greater  appreciation  of  ZPZ's  talents. I  saw  Frank  a  few  times and  their  were    moments  of  brilliance   followed  by  tedium  at  times  but  that  is  how  it  was for  me  'at  that  time' I  have  been  given  the  light and  thank  you  for  all of  your  work,  the  music  is  complex and  execution  in  grace  and  perfection is  always  there.

  • John(Lizweedus)

    Ohhh I love it.

  • daniel G.

    I saw the Dweeze in 94 in a vergin megastore in Glasgow. and got the autograph of him and amet. saw the show at king tuts later too. the biggest roar was the meadly with 100+ snippets of songs. I think it had the zombie woof riff. in there somewhere that eara anyway. and the roof came off - the writing was on the wall - your own stuff was fine, but we all wanted to rear some FZ material. My mate in holand reckons you should not bother as you will  never be as good as Frank - screw him - first time i saw ZPZ i was a bit pissed ( booze ) and was not overly impressed. But the second show I saw in a fairly subduded cambridge Corn exchange was brillient. I drove up -saw the show and drove home. Totallt loved it. Esp. Yo Mama solo - I mean solo - guitar only, city of tiny lights also sticks with me.

    Was at the Roundhouse. the whole of apostrophie - well if you are trying to sell this stuff to kids ( this is the only FZ record my 10 & 8 year olds like) then great, but I would prefer some more variarion.


    And while I am at it do you have to do Muffin man at the end? It's really not the best song Frank ever wrote. to play it every show?


    Rant over.


    i have tickets to the corn exchange in November - would really like to hear Sofa and oh no. with a guitar solo over that 5/4. that is so b******g in the jazz noise CD

  • Ulf J.

    Dweezil, important message: I saw your band at a record store in Boston in 1994 and asked you and your band members (Mike Keneally, Bryan Beller, Ahmet) for autographs, which I got. I asked you to mention my brother, which you did, saying that HE ROCKS!. No Dweezil, YOU ROCK! Seriously, what you do with Zappa Plays Zappa is great and important; authentic yet up-to-date, and another generation gets introduced to some of the great music of your father. Keep it up and thanks.