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Mary W. posted the forum post your mom's carpet is a boodledang

"your mom's carpet is a boodledang" - I'd love to see a video of this.  Fun tune played last night July 17, 2012 in Grand Rapids, MI.......Read more
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Mary W. posted a comment on the profile status I've been quite busy here at home. Fractal has released some new firmware and I am checking out some of the new features. They modeled one of my amps and it's now in the software, a Blankenship Leeds amp. It's nice to have access to it in the Fractal.

Hey Dweezil, I finally attended my first Zappa concert.  It was last night in Grand Rapids, MI, July 17, 2012.  It was awesome!  You guys do a great job.  Thank you for bringing some light into our ruff......Read more