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Long time fan of Frank's music and close follower of ZPZ - see at least 4 to 6 shows a year, time and resource dependent, happy to know I was in the audience in all the shows from the original DVD. Enjoyed the YCFOSA shows in 2008. The performances are somewhat of a spiritual event for me, in whatever form they come, new members, special guests, it doesn't matter - my take away from the ZPZ shows can't be measured by money, they are priceless events to me. Being a casual guy whenever I can, I ALWAYS wear Zappa attire on weekends and I can tell you, no matter where I go someone says something positive about Frank, then I bend their ear for as long as I can about ZPZ and hope to bring someone to your shows. Personally, I but two tickets to every show I attend and give one ticket to someone that has never had the pleasure, they leave in awe and you have a new fan, over time the crowds grow younger and younger (or is it I am just older?) I see many college people finding your music at the shows. Dweezil, your father's music is not only from the future, but timeless as well, it doesn't get any better than that! Thank you for keeping it alive and working so hard to bring it to us. The first few years with the video duets with Frank brought me to tears. Thank you for what you do, however the band morphs over the years, the core remains intact!
  • Donald R.

    Absolutely! Looking forward to it. Saw DZ last Friday, great show, but did the VIP thing and was on my feet for like 6 hours, brutal. They played from like 8:10 to around 11:00, if they can stand that long and entertain I can stand that long and listen. The sound check party wasn't much of a party, but good to do once. I did get to see DZ at the Morse Theater in Chicago in '08, nice 250 person venue, very cool. I can never get enough Frank and now Dweezil, it is so cool to hear the stories Dweezil shares about growing up in the Zappa house, brings it so much closer. Like I mentioned in my profile text, it is almost a spiritual connection listening to DZ, the first year with the Frank video duets was so emotional. Not sure about anyone else, but Watermelon in Easter Hay brings me to tears every time I hear it, can't describe it. Nice to know what some of the references mean on some of the live shows. I have all the Zappa books I can find, "The Real Frank Zappa" was the best. I will never get tired of listening to Frank or watching his videos. I try to see at least 4 to 6 ZPZ shows every year, I always manage to wait around long enough to thank Dweezil personally for what he does. I have two guitars at home, one a Stratocaster someone gave me, now if only I knew how to play! Keep thinking about lessons, do you think it is too late to learn? I'd be happy to just play the short opening to Zoot Allures! Take care!



  • Jeffrey R.

    Thanks for the acceptance Donald. Listening to Frank right now. All the best to you, i'm sure we will have some good conversation here.


  • Donald R.

    Just got my F.O.H. 2 CD set in the mail today! Yay! Can't wait to have a listen. You keep releasing and I'll keep BUYING! I hope to see more releases and perhaps a DVD coming sometime? Thanks for making this available!

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