Art, illustration, textiles, books, animals, nuclear physics (ok, and maybe I'm lying about the last one)
Painting, drawing, sculpting, and making STUFF!
don't watch it
anything eighties that reminds me of childhood
Everything (well almost)
  • jane s.

    Thanks, I stuck to the more 'tame' pictures, i didn't want to offend anyone :) I saw you at the Sage in Gateshead a couple of weeks ago, I was very impressed... your music was excellent too ;)

  • Dweezil

    Welcome to the site. Looks like you are having fun with your art. Nice!

  • hoops

    Well, i guess i've just totally outed myself because i thought the poses looked suspiciously familiar...ahem...

    Nice to hear such a healthy attitude to 'conceptual art', though...i hope the eggs won!

  • jane s.

    some of them, the big paintings are taken for 'men's magazines'. I was mixing traditional concepts like oil painting and womens crafts (sewing, rug making, patchwork etc.) I was pretending to be all feminist, when it was all a bit tongue in cheek really!, if you look hard enough at the patchwork quilt photo, you will see two rubber washing up gloves pegged to a washing the middle finger. It was my two fingered salute to some of the rubbish that people come up with about 'conceptual art, on the other hand, the painted eggs where for my son's school easter egg competition!! :)

  • hoops

    Hi Jane,
    Nice to meet you.
    Interesting portraits you have up there a concept behind them...?

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