Flying (well, until I retired), surfing, guitar, digital art, metal sculpture, writing, and drinking and doing nothing when I've got the time!
See above!
Comedy and documentaries. Waste too much time on TV!
Surf movies, aerobatic flying movies, and music clips of guitar playing and especially comedies!
Zappa and blues ... stuff from the 60's and 70's.
About me:
Retired pilot, now I'm an amateur digital artist, metal sculptor, a rusty guitarist (but improving with practice) and surfer (not improving with age). Have been listening to Zappa since getting my first electric guitar in 1969 and lucky enough to see Frank when he came to Oz, as well as seeing Dweezil all three times he toured here. Oh, and I named my first dog (1973-1989) "Zappa". Last year, my brother Buster came back from being a festival organiser at Telluride Blues & Brews and presented me with a cap signed by Dweezil.
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