Family, Music, and Movies & late night bicycling on the beach.
Vintage gear. Learning to play the ukulele.
make some
nothing like a well run movie theater with good sound & in focus.
Zappa, Yes, Grateful Dead, and Jethro Tull. Vintage Blues
About me:
I have been a FZ fanatic since Uncle Meat came out in 1969! I was in Jr High. Had the pleasure of videotaping & meeting members of ZpZ during JamCruise. DZ, Ben, Billy & Glyn all made sure my 14 yr old son (also a huge Zappa fanatic) & his friend were allowed into the show at age restricted Club Revolution.
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Jim W.

Jim W. posted a comment on the profile status I've been quite busy here at home. Fractal has released some new firmware and I am checking out some of the new features. They modeled one of my amps and it's now in the software, a Blankenship Leeds amp. It's nice to have access to it in the Fractal.

Hi Dweezil, You may remember me as a cameraman on JamCruise. Today I shot a press junket with Jennifer Garner promoting Ahmet's movie "The Odd Life of Timothy Green". which got me thinking about one of my fav bands ZpZ.......Read more
Jim W.

Jim W. posted a comment on the blog post SUMMER TOUR UPDATE

Wishing you all the Best Dweezil. You are doing a great thing keeping Frank's music alive & the world is a better place because of it.......Read more
Jim W.

Jim W. posted a comment on the blog post ZpZ new band members?

Thank you for your quick response! I am huge fan of Frank's music & LOVE what Dweezil is doing to keep this great music alive. And what an unbelievably great guitar player Dweezil is in his own right. Wishing the Zappa......Read more
Jim W.

Jim W. posted a comment on the blog post ZpZ new band members?

 Yes, I found this players list...  But what happened to Billy, Pete & Jamie? any word why they left the band ?  ......Read more
Jim W.

Jim W. posted the blog post ZpZ new band members?

Just read the summer tour dates. players listed, some noticable missing??! No Billy, Jamie or Pete? No other mention anywhere... Dweezil Are you making anouncment about new players?......Read more