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guitar, microtonal music, reading, creative writing, songwriting, siberian huskies, and military history
guitar, music, songwriting, reading, and philosophy
Fringe, Bones, Criminal Minds, NCIS, House, Lie to Me, The Mentalist, Classic Albums, That Metal Show, Top Gear, Doctor Who, The History Channel, and news
Cyrano with Jose Ferrer, Ran by Akira Kurosawa, Anything by Akira Kurosawa, Kingdom of Heaven, Last Samurai, Master and Commander, Open Range, The Glenn Miller Story, Chaplin, and Inception
Beck (Jeff, not Loser), Zappa, Mahavishnu Orchestra, Adrian Belew, Bowie, Reeves Gabrels, Neil Haverstick, Pink Floyd, Porcupine Tree, Shawn Lane, Eric Johnson, David Torn, Allan Holdsworth, King Crimson, Caspar Brotzmann, Jerry Garcia, Bill Frisell, Vernon Reid, Primus, Lloyd Garber, Tony Khalife, Andre Lafosse, Phish, and Dave "FUZE" Fiuczynski
About me:
I am a medically retired disabled veteran. I saw ZPZ's December 2010 show in St. Louis at the Pageant. That show changed my life. I decided to learn the guitar as music therapy after seeing that show. My condition makes a lot of things hard for me. In the years ahead, I plan to study guitar at a music academy close to me, take some Berklee online courses, and attend one of Dweezil's camps. I have been a fan of Dweezil's since passing Havin a bad day around my circle of friends. I don't get out much anymore. Music is my vehicle.
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