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Music, history, writing, reading, expanding my horizons. Even though i live in fremantle I was raised in tasmania, and hence the profile image.
Playing guitar, screwing around with electronics, and building/modifying effects pedals.
99% of tv here is absolute crap. i like rockwiz and you yanks need to youtube it it's f****n great.
Full metal jacket and american hot wax
Chuck berry, mozart, j.s. bach, ac/dc, zappa, and cold chisel.
About me:
Life long music lover, raised on mozart, bach, klezmer and chuck berry. got into zappa about 2 years ago and it subsequently pushed my guitar playing in a whole new direction.
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Hi Dweezil,    On the topic of the Custom Les Paul, what sort of electronics are built into this particular instrument? Any chance you could post a schematic? I'm keen to have a go at converting my LP into something......Read more

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Perhaps, if that's the case, then Frank was refering not just to the apostrophe within the context of what was just discussed, but within the context of the album and his career? The album itself could be taken out of context......Read more

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Hey Dweezil, I'll be your guitar tech during your next aus tour for free, it'd be a pleasure to change strings, pots, pups and do set ups on your equipment. ......Read more

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