• Lucianne

    Heeey Christopher! Sorry I didn't answer back! College is killing, you know hehehehe

    I'm glad to know that you had a wonderful time in Guatemala! :)

    What's new???

  • Lucianne

    Heeey! How nice! Guatemala is a wonderful place! I've never been there have a friend who comes from Guatemala and she told me that it's a great country! Really nice landscapes and nice wheather as well! You'll love it for sure :)
    I have just read your last message, because I've just returned from a long journey all through Brasil, Paraguay and North Argentina. I've been to the Iguazu Falls, which are situated in middle of the jungle. People there are awesome! But you can see other realities that you won't see in Buenos Aires. You can see both sides because there's a lot of poverty there (natives are really poor people :[) but on the other hand you have the waterfalls which are sort of a golden mine because of the money that tourists spend there..
    But it was interesting to sit there with the natives and talk for a while about their customes and all that stuff :)
    I guess you'll see something similar in Guatemala :)
    Hope you're doing fine! :)
    Keep in touch! :)

  • Lucianne

    Hey!! What's new???

    Hope you have a wonderful weekend! :)

  • John(Lizweedus)

    Welcome aboard.

    Nice to have you with us.

    Enjoy and have fun.

  • Lucianne

    hahahaha yeeeah, i guess we are really privileged people :)

    hahaha you're awesome

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