Christianity and including studying the Bible.
Learning new musical styles on the guitar.
Not Much. Mostly news and such.
Not much interest.
I am lately becoming more interested in the Music of Scott Henderson, Allan Holdsworth, Andy Summers solo stuff, and etc.etc.
About me:
I am a hobby guitarist because I am 90% disabled. I used to love to play out, but find it is impossible. I love anything that I can do by using the Computer. I am a huge fan of Frank Zappa's. I also am interested in becoming more knowledgeable with Dweezil's music, and his guitar set-up.
  • Patrick David Wood

    Awesome. The Sixties were the days of MUSCLE cars and Cheap gas. We lived in Palm Springs when the Desert was totally unpopulated! We used to go out in the middle of nowhere, {literally} and street race. Back then it was safe. I wouldn't DARE endanger any one now by engaging in such dangerous behavior.  A friend of ours worked for a man who was a "rich son of poor parents" I.E. more money than sense. So his boss leased two DeThomaso Pantera's so they could also go to the middle of nowhere etc. etc. Unbelievable memories. His boss used to let him take the car home. We knew many rich kids back then. Some still alive, and some not so fortunate.

  • Phil

    I have purchased the car in the picture, without the stripes, 5.7 hemi, updated brakes, suspension, traction control on/off, 20 in Goodyear F1's, automatic (I'm an old guy now)  .... not sure when it will arrive hopefully as soon as the snow melts! .... it should be lots of fun. I owned a 1974 Barracuda with a 340, big carb, nice car, did a lot of road trips back then, really miss my cuda .... 

  • Suzy Creamcheese (Erica)

    Hahaa... thanks for the awesome comment! =D

  • Patrick David Wood

    Thank you sir. I had completely forgotten about a great album. Mucho appreciate it!

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