Mostly music & reading / tea / whisky & cognac / middle ages
see above + having sex
not that much
LOTR, Star Wars, Monty Python's, RHPS, Eastwood's, and Burton's
Frank, Dweezil, melodic hard rock, and a bit of this a bit of that
About me:
Married since 2007 to Virginie, father to Emeline born on March 26 2010. Working for Mariage Freres Tea House Online Orders Dept, currently in charge of Shipping & tracking. So a real tea addict who loves his job :) Discovered FZ's music thanks to my cousin Philippe some 20 years ago with his LPs of Hot Rats, Overnite Sensation, and One Size Fits All - could ahve been worse!
  • Nico N.

    C'est marrant, je suis du 18/01 toi du 17, ma femme s'appelle aussi Virginie, et of course fan de la Zappa family !!

    J'ai découvert FZ à l'âge de 20 ans en gros, par Sheik Yerbouti et le Live in N.Y., et à plus de 40 ans maintenant, j'y suis toujours scotché !! Je suis aussi ce que font les fils, surtout Dweezil maintenant, et j'adhère à fond !!!! Ils ont de qui tenir...

    Allez, à un de ces jours.

  • Matt F.G.

    And I was wrong.... My Guitar went all right but Havin' A Bad Day seems to have bred scratches on its own while waiting on its shelf... aaarrrggggg!!!!

  • Matt F.G.

    The coolest part in this is I'm discovering these two albums again as I hadn't been able to listen to them for years :)

  • Matt F.G.

    Oh boys (and girls) I'm encoding to mp3 via my new turntable the first two DZ albums which I can't find at affordable prices in CD format, and that's a blast :)

  • Matt F.G.

    hell this is somewhat troublesome to find the best color to write and read!!!

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I've always thought it's a shame there is no DVD compiling all the Dweezil and Z stuff, as well music videos as shows..........Read more
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Hi. I'm an amateur lyricist (but more mainstream than FZ); I'm French and live in France but write mostly in English... Nota : I only write, I don't sing.......Read more