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Work for the largest Trade Union in the UK, primarily looking after members in the finance sector (real people not those earning stupid money). Married with 2 teenage girls (so far so good). Previously worked for the Royal Bank of Scotland for 20 years.
  • Tom Waring

    Thanks for the interview comment Paul. Glad it was of interest. I'd like to see DZ do a mini Dweezilla in the UK (maybe Liverpool) next year. You never know what might develop.... watch this space!
    Have a Merry Crimbo and a Zappy New Year, cheers Tom

  • David -Just another noodler.......

    Ha ha - I was going more for Jeff Beck but you can't have everything! Have a great Christmas Paul.

  • Paul J

    Sleep Dirt!!  I first listened to Frank in my mid 20's, and it has taken another 20 years to really get the big picture.  I have a similar problem with Coen Brothers films, where I need to watch a few times to really enjoy the film to the full. The pure joy is finding something you have never heard but which makes perfect sense on first listen, and was full of surprises.  Youman and Harris I had never heard of in the Zappa canon of alumni, but what a discovery.  The title track sublime, and I hope ZPZ play this next time out.


  • Vile and Pernicious

    You are free to be Gross and Perverted and I would guess you are not alone, but Vile and Pernicious is mine...all mine! ....By the way, I saw James Taylor and Carol King this summer and they brought me to spontaneous tears. They were that good. Bye Perv!

  • monica sancristoforo

    Happy holidays to you and your family !!!L Bce66d5e275a4603a1ddeb6187f136ed

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