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Ignoring the wife and turning it up some more.
Scar Collecting, Talking to strangers, and Musical Shenanigans. Pate.
Makes a great dust collector. In my previous form I guess Noels House Party, The Banana Splits. Shungar: Mystical Warrior Doctor Science Pant wearing mutating Beast type chap with 'dapper' qualities in the french-japanese animated under 8 year old user format..., and Chock-a-block.
Akira. Jump off a building. Its a Wonderful Life. Anything Kubrick.
Orangey Shades. ENO.ELO.DEVO.KMD.KMFDM.HND.SARS.... Philip Glass. Dinosaur Jr. Rubber Sole. Herrmann. Benny Goodman. Danny Gatton. CREAM. Loony toons. Z
About me:
I love cheese pickle and being tickled, coca-koala, sound arc & manipulation, swede, spanners, Calvin, Hobbes, Astral tweeks. Gimme the beat boys and feed my soul, FuzzFanatik, Solar Powered Kazoos, Electric Flannel. Currently butchering Bernard Herrmann' scores for upcoming Herrmann estate related project.
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