Music loads of, restoring old telephones, photography, art, and movies new & old
mustic lisning to loads of Franks and trying to learn the Guitar and I do lisson to other stuff thou
Old T.V. shows Kojak, Hunter, The inVaders, The Untoucables form 1959, A.Team, and Rockford files C.S.I. Married with children staring ed o'neil
All of Franks films, Old Movies and New, The Moulin Rouge Was amazing with Nicole kidman, All the dirty Harry films and the Clint Eastwood westerns, and This Film Angel-A by Luc Besson is amazing. UnderWorld both staring The lovely Kate Beckingsale stunning film
Frank Zappa, Jimi Hendrix, The Dweezz, Led Zepplin, Deep purple, Club D'Elf, chick Corea, thin lizzy, Terry Bozzio, Michel Camilo, Amon Tobin, jerry goldsmith, Danny Elfman, and No doubt/Gwen Stefani
About me:
I started getting in to music at about 13years old, I remmber seeing Jimi Hendrix in a pop show over here in ENGLAND and thinking oh my wow that is something very speical so Jimi Hendrix, the stones, deep purple led zep but there was this little noise in my head saying "I want more diffrent music, I knew the music I was looking for but I had know idea who was making it or if anybody was, I just knew it was out there, then in late `69 early 1970 I heard of Frank zappa & the mothers and I was hooked, music is my passion I am a "music junky" and a "ZAPPAHOLIC" and I have seen Frank 8 times form the mid 70s untill his last tour of `88 and then I saw him in Brighton and london two very diffrent shows, I had guitar lessons in the seventy`s but it did not work out then I got married and it all went out the window, some years later after my divorce I started up on the guitar again but money and a home life was a porblem so it got put aside again, now twenty years later I am trying again as I can affored a teacher and have a great home and a music room all to my self and I won`t anoy any one, they say your never to old to learn, I just want to beable to play the guitar and loads of my favourite tunes
  • Razo Rizo

    Hey Dweezil, Very sadly your concert was advertised for BRIGHTON IN SUSSEX But was cancelled so we missed you this year gutted seen you every year for the past five years but may be you can make it in 2014 or was poor  ticket sales in  the past? to blame  hay ho catch you next year hopefully best  wishes for christmass holidays to you and your famliy 

  • Razo Rizo

    Dweezil, Thank you so very much for coming to England/Brighton 2012 CoolAGAIN so fantastic, I also went to the Roundhouse gig, slightly  different set but fantastic concert glad I went to bothe even thou the was a problem with the trains into  london getting  home but ho hum, the Band is so sharp, sheila Gonzalez was fantastic singing  "teenage prostitute" well done, Joe on drums Superb and a new bass player, man he perrs.

    I am ready for next yearLaughing

    Thanks for signing my Ticket as it was my birthday Cool, I do hope you can bring out the "Frank" fender strat at some point  that would be fantastic.

    I have added some pix form the roundhouse and brighton  but not my usual standard.

    hope all gos Very well on the US part of the tour.

    I would Love to come over to DWEEZILSVILLE but a I'm not good enough  plus the cost but maybe one day


    take care

  • Razo Rizo

    Hey Dweezil, How FABTASTIC you and  your ZPZ band coming over to little old ENGLAND how so veryCoolwell we are going to both the BRIGHTON GIG and AT THE ROUND HOUSE Winklondon so looking forward to seeing and your GROOOSVILLE band, we wanted to go the the sound check but the thought of TWO GIGS so close together Won over may be next year.

    HOW cool is it that you are playing on my BIRTHDAYCoolCooltheres nowhere I would ruther be then hereing and seeing you guys play live just out of this world playing your DADs music PLUS YOUR SPECIAL musical magic ingredient "Dust of the grand wazzo" . Any more Guitar solo CDs coming soon? see you in November GROOVSVILLE

  • Razo Rizo

    WinkHey Dweezil, Just Loaded up on to my ipod Your New CD Live 'In The Moment' Outstanding just loving it more like this please. Are there any CDs of Razer Kat around?. Hope to sse you Next year in Old England Please come back I`m sure you will.

  • Corné

    Hello Simon,

    Kind greetings from the Netherlands!

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Hey Dweezil, Very sadly your concert was advertised for BRIGHTON IN SUSSEX But was cancelled so we missed you this year gutted seen you every year for the past five years but may be you can make it in 2014 or was poor......Read more
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Dweezil, Very best wishes to you and your family for a X-mass and The new  Year, Thank you so much for coming to Brighton ENGLAND it Was FANTASTIC to see and HERE you again Hope to see you over here again real soon Hope......Read more
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