Listening to music, Playing the drums, Trading forex (foreign currencies), and trying to make money.
All of the above. And I like to go out and eat food - curry usually.
Don't watch it - it rots the mind. Years of watching it when I was younger proves that. Besides and I rarely sit down long enough to get into anything but if I do then it's usually to watch a documentary.
Life of Brian, One flew over the cuckoos nest, Baby Snakes, Dub Room Special, Zappa Plays Zappa, and most Disney kids films (I watch them with the kids - honest!)
Zappa (of course!!) Pretty much everything else from Gong to Gorillaz to The Police (I know, but I'm a drummer and Stewart Copeland rocks), most prog rock, Zeppelin (would be criminal not to), and even Microdisney! If it's music and there's passion then I'll be there listening and dancing.
About me:
Hi Everyone, Been a Zappa fan since I was in my early teens. Couldn't get enough of the great man - still can't. I only saw Frank once on the 'Broadway the Hardway tour in '88 which was amazing and I love to see Dweezil when he's in the UK. Saw him in Bristol in 2009, Cambridge in 2010 and very much looking forward to Bristol again in November 2011. I play the drums (Vinnie and Bozzio inspired me) and I can hold my own in a gig although I'm a bit far out for the musicians I tend to play with. Maybe one day I'll get over to the States and join in on a Zappa Bootcamp. Now that would be a dream come true. I have three lovely young children who keep me busy when I'm home. I play them Zappa whenever I can and we all dance. It's great to be here. Music is the best!
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Ben posted a comment on the profile status I've been listening to a lot of my dad's music from the 60's trying to figure out what's next for the February ZPZ tour. A few obscure tunes have started the wheels turning... Time for bed now.

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I just love "How Could I Be Such A Fool". Even though I can't make the February shows I'd love to hear it in the future when you're back in the UK. Also, there's plenty of stuff from Uncle Meat to tickle the earbuds - Dog......Read more