Back to Tel Aviv sea and sun after a rainy muddy Sunrise Festival in U.K.... 2 music gigs, 1 bellydance show and taught a workshop despite it all! Good to be home! :-) - updated
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Playing geetar, being silly, singing, belly dancing, travelling, nature, learning diverse cultures, languages, writing songs, seeing great live music, people who aren't afraid to be silly whenever/wherever they be, cats, native american culture, shamanism, astrology, wittiness in general, yoga, painting, life drawing, and photography...
Flight of the Conchords, Triumph the Insult Comic Dog, Family Guy, SouthPark, Californication, Nighty Night, Chelsea Lately, and Dexter...
Amazon Women on the Moon, Spinal Tap, Airplane, Ashes & Snow, Sita sings the Blues, Monty Python, Will Farrell, and Stand Up Comedy...
Frank Zappa, Free, Bad Company, Chris Cornell, Alice in Chains, Ani Difranco, Grace Slick, Tori Amos, Norah Jones, U2, Crosby Stills & Nash, Neil Young, Pearl Jam, Bruce Springsteen, Eric Clapton, Jethro Tull, Ben Harper, Fela Kuti, Terra Rossa, and Sahara Piksie Band!
About me:
Singer/Songwriter/Bellydancer/Guitarist. My papa played 3 hours of Zappa a day to my mom's belly when she was pregnant with me! (He is a child psychologist, and was studying the then little known facts about what a child can hear in the womb...) The first sound I can ever remember is the riff to the yellow snow... My first toys were "Chester" the Gorilla and "Nanook" the eskimo! I named my first geetar Dweezil and have a barking pumpkin tattoo ;-) I travelled the world for 15 years, have my own band THE SAHARA PIKSIE BAND and belly dance-teaching and performing in Israel, Europe, U.S. and India! It was my great pleasure to hang out with the ZPZ crew in Tel Aviv...they "let me take them to the la la la la la la la la la..." and it was the most awesome, exciting and emotional night of my life!!! ;-)) PIKSIE POWER!!!
  • GMBG

    I just saw the Valley Girl b'ivrit -mea ahuz! - You must put it up in the regular video section so those with akternative plumbing can see it - why just share it with the nashim?

  • John(Lizweedus)

    All the very best to you and yours during this holiday festive season.

    Have a good one and The Best Of Health to you and yours


  • Mars

    Indeed Sahara.

  • DaveOC

    Thank you for the friendship

  • Twist and Frug

    Yo Sasser, Had you asked me if it was possible to miss a flight after 7 hours, I would have answered that for you. All that sitting around leads one into complacency. I have suffered your same fate. But at least you have two months of fantastic adventures to reflect on during your extended airport time. I am sure the people watching was fun, but probably not as fun as the people who were watching your sassy self.
    Glad you are home safe and enjoyed your visit. If you are not too extended, you should consider going to the UK next month. I sure have. Cheers, Always a pleasure to hear from you... Twisty...

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