I'm a sports freak, love ice hockey the most but close behind are MMA, American Football, baseball, rugby and just about anything else that involves sports! I used to think I loved music until I met my guy... now HE LOVES music, and I enjoy it. LOL I love what he has shared with me and introduced me to!
Reading (I do professional book reviews so it's kinda like a hobby/job), Music, computers/networking especially with social networks like Facebook & Twitter, watching sports, and boxing & water running for fitness.
HOT IN CLEVELAND, HAPPY TOWN, Sports mainly, and some news programs and my 2 MUST SEE shows on TvLand (amazing sitcom) and on ABC. Not a big tv person though unless it's sports.
Anything scary, Dirty Dancing, XXX (the movie, not the porn LOL), Grind, tons of comedies, and so many more!
Just about anything but country (and I even tolerate some of that depending on the artist). You name it and I love it...from head banger to hip hop and everything in between.
About me:
I'm new to the world of Zappa, brought into it by my amazing Fiance' Rich. He introduced me to all that's Zappa and with my first ZPZ concert fell in love completely. We saw ZPZ in Niagara Falls, NY on June 29,2010 and I was just enamored with the band, the talent involved and most of all the music. I was clueless to Zappa's TRUE talents and only knew the mainstream things that were played on the radio when I was a kid. Wow, was I thrilled to hear so much more!
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