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The Beach, My granddaughter Flora, my husband Russell and my grown children and their spouses, my gsd Oliver, and creating beautiful spaces for my clients
gardening, cooking, reading and more reading, and reading and more reading
Chris Hayes and Rachel Maddow
Life Aquatic with Steve Zissou; Juliette of the Spirits; Bringing Up Baby; Pee-Wee's Big Adventure
The Zappas, of course, Jon Cleary and his Monster Gentlemen, Nrbq, Terry Adams, John Boutte', and John Boutte'
Books and Magazines:
to kill a mockingbird, kite runner, world according to garp, and world according to garp
About me:

Now I'm officially old. I had taken my children to see Frankwhen they were young. For my 60th birthday, my daughter took me to see Dweezil. Many years ago when I divorced my first husband my mother asked what I got in the property settlement- my reply was- my sanity and my forty Frank Zappa albums.

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Okay, I guess my comment on MZ's page was snarky. One of my sisters told me tonight that she thought David was great.  How manipulative are the producers?  How much is scripted?  What does the editing process......Read more
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