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Writing songs, reading, writing poetry, Playing Guitar, and learning the sax
Riding my bikes, Harley Dyne Sport and Triumph Thunderbird, and Fishing
The Wire, Mad Men, The Sweeny, Minder, and Ever Decreasing Circles
Henry V (Brannaghs version), Mr Hulot's Holiday, Breaker Morant, Easy Rider, Electra Glide in Blue, and All Zappa's Films
Blues, Smashing Pumpkins, and Be Good Tanyas and a huge eclectic mix.
About me:
Actor, Musician (well three chord whiting) gives you a clue as to how good I am!
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David K posted a comment on the profile status I've just arrived in York. Quite tired but going over songs for tomorrow's show. Looking for a step down transformer so I can do some Fractal programming.

Welcome back dweezil and crew. ZPZ have become an annual event for me, my son and his friend. See you at the Barbican and the Brighton Dome. ......Read more
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