My family of course and Leeds United Football Club.
Cycling in the summer and playing PS3 games in the winter.
At the moment True Blood and 24 (waiting for season 8) and Premier League football matches.
Top 5 Godfather, Godfather Part 2, Pulp Fiction, The French Connection, and Wizard of Oz (yes seriously)
Frank Zappa, ZPZ, Led Zeppelin, Jethro Tull, Van Morrison, Lou Reed and Pink Floyd are the biggies. And more recently Nouvelle Vague, The loveGods, and Katie Melua
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Thanks.  A rough year or so behind me, I like to turn to positive things.    ......Read more

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10 years of ZPZ and 50 years of Frank.  A lot to celebrate this year ......Read more

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Now officially "unemployed" which will take me up to retirement in 2 years. Nice to finally have an end game and my various medical conditions are under control. So I can enjoy my long days at home without worrying about how to pay the bills :) Comment

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Is this confirmed?  Not on the bill according to the Bukta website. ......Read more

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Hello Everyone! It's been a long time since I've been able to share some stories with you. First of all thanks to everyone who has supported the Via Zammata record through Pledge and out in the marketplace. I really......Read more