My family of course and Leeds United Football Club.
Cycling in the summer and playing PS3 games in the winter.
At the moment True Blood and 24 (waiting for season 8) and Premier League football matches.
Top 5 Godfather, Godfather Part 2, Pulp Fiction, The French Connection, and Wizard of Oz (yes seriously)
Frank Zappa, ZPZ, Led Zeppelin, Jethro Tull, Van Morrison, Lou Reed and Pink Floyd are the biggies. And more recently Nouvelle Vague, The loveGods, and Katie Melua
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2014-10-04 08:45:17 UTC
Thank you Ciaran.  ......Read more

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2014-10-04 08:33:09 UTC
Looks like I will need back surgery - waiting for an appointment with a neurosurgeon to discuss options and dates. Comment

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2014-10-04 08:26:56 UTC
What a schedule   November will not be the same without your show here in Norway   Paws is also disappointed as he is finally 18 and can now get into the venue where you normally play.  But good luck with......Read more

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2014-10-02 10:45:37 UTC
this was funny...i played a nationwide buzztime trivia game the other night at my favorite watering hole...the topic of the game of 15 questions was jimi hendrix...3 people around the nation got a perfect score of 15, more

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2014-09-19 21:55:51 UTC
Thanks Ciaran.  I should know soon if I need an operation on my back or just treatment.  The other thing is under control - taking lots of medication ......Read more