Back in LA after the third and final leg of the Roxy and Elsewhere tour. It's been a real pleasure being a part of this amazing band for the past four years through all of it's incarnations and playing with some of the best musicians in the world night after night, which is all made possible by the hardest working road crew in the business. I am excited as I look forward at the projects that are underway for the future of this band, and I hope that some of you will get to join me and the thousands of others in experiencing the music of Frank Zappa out on the road. To my road family - thanks for the great times and jams for these past 84 shows. I love you all. Now I'm gonna take a couple days to recharge before getting back to work on some exciting projects, so stay tuned! - updated 2014-03-10 20:33:51 UTC
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record collecting and listening parties
Futurama, Robot Chicken, Family Guy, and Breaking Bad
at this point, mostly documentaries..i recommend these: exit through the gift shop, food matters, blind spot, super size me, food inc.., and food inc..
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