Drawing and darts
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  • Trip

    Why did loulou leave the site again ?

  • John(Lizweedus)

    David, you amazing Zappa freak..

    Hope you, family & friendz are all good and well.

    Take care bud and keep your amazing pics coming.



  • Findlay family

    Hey nice one . Pless  at the after party gig.what a great made us feel like special guests so cool.And bart the chilly pepper guy and Zappa enthusiast.Yes those nice cold millers lovely.cheers mate.

  • Findlay family

    Hi David it has been a while we are all very well as I hope you are. Time just moves so quick these days. Very sad news today for the Zappa family and all of us that cherish all things Zappa.Gail has done a great job on bringing us more of Frank's music over the years.Nice jam cruise photo what a bloody experience that holiday was fair dinkem high light of my life memories that make me smile.l found some more jam cruise photos by pless on the jc site awhile ago of your good self and us on the top deck freezing our tits off absorbed in the music once in a lifetime hey great.Any way really hope life is treating you well and your getting some zpz gigs in very nice catching up take care.Chris.

  • David D

    got home late...but i will try to be there

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