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Enjoying life
Music, golf, poking around bookstores., and poking around bookstores.
Original Star Trek, science documentaries, religious history, The Office, I'm Alan Partridge, Yes Minister, Fawlty Towers, Undercover Boss, and Undercover Boss
Harold & Maude, The Two Jakes, Old Sherlock Holmes(Basil Rathbone & Nigel Bruce), 12 Monkeys, Angels With Dirty Faces, Paths Of Glory, Switchblade Romance, and Switchblade Romance
FZ, ZPZ, Joe Walsh, The Tubes, Todd Rundgren, Ramones, Strange Sensation, James Taylor, Bobby Womack, Chaka Khan, Prince, Jo Jo Gunne, Julie Fowlis, Treacherous Orchestra, Rammstein, Mary Jane Lamond, Duncan Chisholm, and Chris Stout
Books and Magazines:
Dune and The Shock Doctrine
About me:

Old FZ fan (since 1974) Current ZPZ fan, saw them for the first time in Manchester UK, June 2009. Struggling golfer (current handicap 11)

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  • Trepidation
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2014-11-18 16:47:37 UTC
Thanks Kirk! As one of the show's earliest and most consistent listeners, you are certainly qualified to speak on what it is all about - and your dedication lends validity to your observations. This show is a labour of......Read more
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2014-11-13 18:43:22 UTC
Richard Drakes

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2014-11-10 20:47:01 UTC
The songs are all written by me except for Dragon Master which is a collaboration with my dad. I also recorded some music by the Bulgarian Women's Choir on guitar. There might also be a song on the record co written with John......Read more
Richard Drakes

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2014-11-10 06:57:52 UTC
I love to hear all this 'inside' stuff. I'm curious to know DZ, are the songs composed solely by you or are they collaborative works?......Read more
Richard Drakes

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2014-11-10 06:56:02 UTC
sounds awesome...but i have no clue what you are talking about...i'm just the idiot tennis player on this site......Read more