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Enjoying life
Music, golf, poking around bookstores., and poking around bookstores.
Original Star Trek, science documentaries, religious history, The Office, I'm Alan Partridge, Yes Minister, Fawlty Towers, Undercover Boss, and Undercover Boss
Harold & Maude, The Two Jakes, Old Sherlock Holmes(Basil Rathbone & Nigel Bruce), 12 Monkeys, Angels With Dirty Faces, Paths Of Glory, Switchblade Romance, and Switchblade Romance
FZ, ZPZ, Joe Walsh, The Tubes, Todd Rundgren, Ramones, Strange Sensation, James Taylor, Bobby Womack, Chaka Khan, Prince, Jo Jo Gunne, Julie Fowlis, Treacherous Orchestra, Rammstein, Mary Jane Lamond, Duncan Chisholm, and Chris Stout
Books and Magazines:
Dune and The Shock Doctrine
About me:

Old FZ fan (since 1974) Current ZPZ fan, saw them for the first time in Manchester UK, June 2009. Struggling golfer (current handicap 11)

  • DZ leads the BeBop Tango conga
  • Trepidation
  • Zpz Harrogate 2013 031
  • Zpz Harrogate 2013 029
  • Look what one lucky fan got!
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2014-10-20 05:05:54 UTC
Every minute in this country, one man is struck down by Man Flu. Women, all we ask is that each of you offers them a cup of tea, some kind words and your undivided attention and care. Then maybe, just maybe, we'll beat......Read more
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2014-10-04 05:09:36 UTC
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2014-10-04 05:09:04 UTC
@Fletcher, Perhaps the venue you saw us in did not have ideal acoustics. I don't agree with your assessment of Ryan Brown's skills. He has a lot of finesse and musicality. Best of all he has a fantastic attitude and makes......Read more
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2014-09-30 17:56:35 UTC
I don't think that was the time or the place but he was very frustrated about not playing on saturday.......Read more
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2014-09-30 17:55:02 UTC