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cooking, and lots and lots of music, and mostly guitar.
FoodTV (been watching the cooking shows since I was wee & only PBS had anything good). Simpsons, Futurama, Family Guy, and pretty much anything animated.. especially Metalocalypse!
Pretty much all of them. Favorites would include classic comedies, Caddyshack, Slapshot, Johnny Dangerously, Harlem Nights, too many to even think of. Brain Candy, Me, Myself & Irene, new Transformers rules, Highlander, and The Fly.. there's just too damn many.
Frank. Lots and lots of Frank.
About me:
Long-time Zappa fan, both generations. Have seen ZPZ 5 times now. I drive a city bus for a living, have been married for 20 years and have 2 kids, Anne who is 6 & Max who is 3. I'm a closet-chef and I LIVE for music. Just like Frank (or was it Mary?) said: "Music is the BEST!"
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Just found out about the 2015 tour.. One Size Fits All.... see you in Quebec!!!......Read more

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I have not decided exactly how the melody will be approached. I would love to learn it on guitar. It may come down to how much time I have. For sure it will not be an easy melody to learn on the guitar though.......Read more

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Ottawa?! REALLY? Wow! Frank would have loved to fly into our airport.. the city code is YOW! I hope he got to see that at least once. See you at Algonquin College, never seen a concert there before!......Read more

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