Many of you know that I have had a series of mishaps with my knee -- a simple ACL replacement surgery went awry resulting in the shattering of my knee cap. A second surgery was supposed to have fixed the knee cap. I spent months (April, May, June and July) in rehab, but alas, I have just learned that the knee cap never healed and a third surgery is scheduled for this Friday, August 1. Don't know what the outcome will be, and what I will have to do or not do to get this to heal. I am hopeful and willing to do the rehab all over, so long as I can get restored to full function. Think of me - I'll keep you posted - updated
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Theatre, Snow skiing, Waterskiing, home repair, electronic repair, study, philosophy, taking things apart, putting them back together, guitars (gibsons and martins and after forty years, finally like a strat), building things, fixing things, planting things (if I am told where they go), going to hardware stores, and going to music stores -- I wish there were real record stores still...
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About me:
A Zappa fan from the Garrick Theatre days (I was 13 when I first saw the Mothers). I was one of the lucky ones to win a guitar and more important, a chance to jam with Dweezil and this terrific band. I have seen every ZPZ show in the NY area since the start and saw countless shows with Frank (all the Felt Forum, Palladium, Halloween, etc shows). Still play guitar. For fun, I am also a rabbi and ride a motorcycle.

    Very good review of the Las Vegas show thanks.

    I wish I shoulda woulda coulda been there.

    Peace Fruie.

  • DaveOC

    Nice review on the Vegas show, Gary. I saw some footage on fb. Inca, Evelyn. Amazing!

  • Gary

    Was so nice to see yoru review. Sounds like you had a great time in Berklee, and but also, some special guests. Not to take anything away from the remarkable job the band is doing, I concur where you have stated that "the band never sounded better",  but the special guest scenarios that you caught and are on the way are examples of some unique talents that I would love to have a chance to see. No need to divulge, or overtly fawn, but I expect you heard the good news on one special guest that  it sounds like should be at one of your upcomming shows. Peace

  • Ciaran Cunningham

    How are you Gary?

    • GMBG

      Hangingin there -- will see next week if the third surgery was able to repair the patella (knee cap) -- for now living on a wave of pain meds and trying to do work in the moments of lucidity.  At least I can still play guitar...

  • Rob E.

    Good luck with your knee. Had some minor knee surgery myself. Meniscus. Left, twice, and right, also twice. Didn't impair my guitar playing. 

    I was 17 at my first FZ show. September '73. Amsterdam Concertgebouw, first show. My last was May '88. Front row center at the Ahoy' Rotterdam. Unforgettable.

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Good things are comming around. The sun is shining on California. Enjoy your shows. Hopefully the cost of beer won't hurt your pockets too much. Has to be better than getting busted by the heat for smiling on a cloudy day.......Read more

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Leaving in a few min. for another Sat. night/day in SF and a Sunday Dead concert for a kicker. Should be fun with the party in SF, now that the fight for equal rights took a turn for the best. The rainbow coalition......Read more

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ZPZ @ SF and @ Sac on consecutive nights Dec. 5-6th in time for Zappadan! Beautiful man! The Dead on Sunday at the new Levi Stadium, Santa Clara, where one beer starts @ $10 bucks.......Read more