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Mad Men, Anything on the Food Network, PBS, Discovery Channel, and Travel Channel
I haven't seen many...MUST SEE MORE!!! What do YOU recommend?
ll try anything once! I love having people turn me on to artists/composers I am not familiar with. I haven't listened to nearly enough. MUST LISTEN MORE!!!
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  • Robert McMuffin

    If you are lloking for new music to listen to, you might want to check out Freddie Hubbard's stuff on CTI. Red Clay is a highlight for me, but I'm digging everything I have found from him (except some miss steps later in his career). Ted Curson's Japanesse releases are pretty stellar as well.


    Come back to Sacramento CA please!

  • fletcher

    I was listening to your solo on 'City of Tiny Lites' from the San Luis Obispo show and was wondering what effects pedal you were using about half-way thru it?  I really enjoy your playing and wish you could do more soloing on the jazz numbers that ZPZ plays (actually I wish ZPZ would play more of Frank's jazz tunes).  Thanks.


    Again and again Scheila,

    I am so lucky to have been in Cleveland, Sunday cause the House of Blues "ROCKED" and i felt it! 

    and iiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiLikedit!!!   Peace Fruie      oh yeah thanks

                                    ZAPPA ROCKS and ZAppA Plays ZAPPA ROCKS ZAPPA!


    Scheila you Rock! Thank you for all you do what a show hot & sweaty no problem here,I've had worse.

     Lets hope the rest of your shows have A.C.or at least the house of blues Cleveland.

    ZpZ Rocks ZAPPA!  Peace Fruie


    C U Soon in Syracuse, #12 for me. And i hope my friends up north give you a warm welcome ttyl.

    ZAPPA ROCKS! and ZAppA plays ZAPPA "ROCKS" ZAPPA!      Peace Fruie 

    • Steve M.

      I attended the show at the Palace Theater.  It was my second ZPZ show.  It was an amazing show!  The band really plays Franks music with such love.  Scheila's is awesome.  So is Dweezil.  Thank you so much for letting this music be played live for Zappa fans.  The theater was about 95 degrees maybe hotter.  They played their asses off.

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