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Mad Men, Anything on the Food Network, PBS, Discovery Channel, and Travel Channel
I haven't seen many...MUST SEE MORE!!! What do YOU recommend?
ll try anything once! I love having people turn me on to artists/composers I am not familiar with. I haven't listened to nearly enough. MUST LISTEN MORE!!!
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    Just found out i can take a little ride downstate a little to Syracuse,N.Y.for some Zappa Plays Zappa. So happy about this that i'd do a cartwheel if i only could without breaking something or other. Can't wait  C  U soon Peace Fruie.

    PS you Rock girl.

  • Scheila Gonzalez

    WESFEST featuring John Patitucci is TONIGHT!!! It's been an honor to participate in the past and though I can't attend this evening, I'll be there in spirit. Go check out this incredible lineup of musicians and support a worthy cause. :-) The Baked Potato is *tiny* and I hear there are still tickets available - come on SoCal people, I *know* you can sell that place out! You'll see John Patitucci in his first west coast gig in forever, plus Joe Travers and Friends (featuring Ben Thomas, Kurt Morgan, Dorian Heartsong, Yogi Lonich, Griff Peters, Colin Keenan), as well as Danny Mo & The Exciters (featuring 2013 Wes Wehmiller Scholarship Award Winner Max McKellar with legendary drummer Jonathan “JR” Robinson & Kira Small).

  • BB Pinky

    Hi Scheila,  Had a fun time at the HOB last nite.  Thanks for signing the photo for Becca. You are one of her inspirations.  She would have been there last night had it not been for the 21+ age restriction.  See you next time!

  • George T

    Enjoyed the Birchmere performance the other night.

    I had a couple of my high school teachers with me (class of '75!) and we had a blast.

    The English Lit teacher sent me a thank you note (for taking him and his wife) which included an explanation of "Apostrphe" - which has many layers of meaning.

    Always enjoy seeing the live performances.

    You have always been a standout soloist and performer among some heavyweight stage partners.

    Hope to see you guys again next tour.

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It's SO good to be home and making lots of music with dear friends who happen to be amazing musicians! Comment
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YAY GLYNN & CATHY!!!!! :-)......Read more
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Congratulations to Sound Man extrodinare Glynn Wood, who married the wonderful Cathy Tice last night in Sag Harbor Long Island.  A  gorgeous evening -- the sun came out an hour before their nuptuals and they were......Read more
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Scheila Gonzalez liked the comment on To all my DZW friends who expressed concerns about my health - I feel that today I turned the first of many corners but in a positive direction, The short version of my protracted story is that I had my ACL(one of the knee ligaments) replaced after it rupured. I chose to use my own tendon (as opposed to a cadaver tendon) and they harvested it from my patella (knee cap). When harvesting the tendon, my knee cap shattered and they had to screw the pieces back together. I went home and, following doctors orders, I began flexing my knee. The pain increased over the following days, until I couldnt take it anymore. I went back to the hospital and after xrays, they discovered that two of the screws had come out and were buried in my knee and therefore, every flex shredded more of my knee. I had emergency surgery the following morning to repair the patella (the orthopedist said that he never had a more complex knee repair). It took several days to find the right combination of some heavy duty drugs to make the pain tolerable. 3 days later I was released from the hospital with the demand that I not flex my knee at all (it is in a brace) and put no weight on it. Yesterday my doctor saw me and was pleased with the repair thus far and told me that I could start putting weight on the leg. That made me feel better and I have started to wean myself off of all these drugs (during which I felt like I resided on a different planet). So I am on the road to recovery. Next week more xrays to see if the rpair has held - and then a long road of physical therapy. Knowing that so many cared about me and took time to email me made all the difference -- I did not have to go through this alone -- and every note of concern was deeply appreciated -- so thank you, my friends!

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Thanks that means a lot - in moments of clarity when I could focus on simple reading like FB I delighted in reports of your terrific trip with James (and loved him squishing things randomly). Now I have to work my way off of......Read more