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The Vegetarians is composer/musician Hans Annellsson from Malmo, Sweden, singer/songwriter Marc Mollan from Seattle and multi- instrumentalist John Marshall Gibbs, originally from Boston but now residing outside Kassel in Germany. This Swedish- American music collaboration started in the late nineties when John lived in Malmo and Marc in Copenhagen. In the beginning they worked together on a bunch of covers that can be heard on Hans CD-trilogy One More Time For The World, One More Time For The World Some More and The Return Of The Son Of One More Time For The World. Their first CD under the name The Vegetarians, A Vegetable Soup of Songs, was released in 2007 and features all original material except for a cover of Day Tripper. The next CD, 24 Carrot Songs, was released the year after. Since then A Vegetable Radio Soup, Remustered & Remixed Salad and The Calling have been released. A new album Meat The Vegetarians will be out spring 2012. The Vegetarians also performed on the Zappanale festival 2011 in Germany.

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  • Annellsson

    Remembering FZ

    Follow the link and listen to a short instrumental track called Letter To Frank some time during December.


    Composed & Performed by me.

    Best Regards,


    ...Read more
  • Annellsson

    Music of the 21st century

    Here's a question for you.

    ...Read more
  • Annellsson

    FZ joke

    In the middle of all this No Fun activity why not have a laugh, or two. Since it isn't my first language I only know about two jokes in English. One is the old Monty Pyton joke about beer and making love in a boat, the...Read more
  • Annellsson

    Joe's Garage in aid of malaria

    Here in Sweden right now, in Gothenburg to be precise, they have a thing on radio & tv called Musichelp were they try to raise money in aid of treating malaria. You can request a song and donate a sum ($10 is the...Read more
  • Annellsson

    Favourite FZ quote

    One of my favourite FZ quotes is "Drugs are for people who haven't been f****d properly!". I know that I've read it in an interview somewhere, but can't remember where. Anybody out there who knows? Sincerely, HA...Read more
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Hi D, from 2006 and onwards I've attended at least one gig on every tour that have included Copenhagen and /or Malmö (Sweden). After the last show in Copenhagen I was thinking "Well... I know this by now, and......Read more

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Hi, just want to inform you of a new cd by me & Mats Öberg. It's called "Från A till Ö" and includes a new version of FZ "Penis Dimension" in Swedish "Penisens Storlek". It's available......Read more