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  • Ciaran Cunningham

    Thanks man good to hear from ya

  • John(Lizweedus)

    Hey Phil,

    All the chicken breast to you and your lot.

    You should'a knocked on my door. Kettle is always on.

    Take care fella.

  • Trip

    I Didn't watch the game,but I seen highlights on TSN.

  • John(Lizweedus)

    C'mon. Give me some gossip.

    What's gwine on with you and wannabe scouser. Haha

    Hope all is good and well Phil.

  • Trip

    Ready for the Grey Cup ?

  • Ciaran Cunningham

    Excellent Phil!! 

  • Trip

    Your welcome,but what did I do to make you laugh ?

  • John(Lizweedus)

    Heyup Phil,

    How the devil are you ?

    What's new ?

    Good to hear from you buddy.

  • John(Lizweedus)

    Hi Phil

    Hope all is good and well your end.


    Ditto on everything u wrote about the band and R.B.,

    You know i always thought it was the artist's decision about camaras but i now think is's the venue but who knows. At Kleinhans here in Buffalo, at first before the show ushers stopped us from taking pictures of the stage saying NO pictures what so ever. Then i asked Pete Jones and he said pictures ok but no flash.And i asked about Video and he said no and don't get caught I said ok and kept my video camara in its holster even though i saw lots of people with Phones and video recorders. I thought it was more respectful keeping mine in check mostly because i knew my brother was gettin some great pics. I did get a cell phone video of the dancing part of the Be Bop Tango. My complaints we're about Ben and Scheila's mic.thay were very hard to hear and all the computor stands on stage (i know thay need them) But thay blocked the view. I had great seats but because of this i jumped another empty seat with a better view. Had to do it.All in all this being my 11th show i rate it top #2.  #1 being the 2006 show.none has topped this one for me anyway's. I'M happy thay made it you'r way.  What a blast huh?  Peace Fruie.

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