On my way for 9 more shows in 10 days.... from Boston, to Atlantic City, through NY Washington DC, etc... I'm so excited, those shows last year were soooo good, and specially the Roxy shows... I made fantastic videos of the whole shows with soundboard videos. I hope they get released some day... Still photographs to come soon, stay tuned. - updated
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Science, and a lot of other things. But Music is the Best, right after my family (5 children and a wonderful wife who lets me go to all these concerts and also twice to Dweezilla), and right after my family (5 children and a wonderful wife who lets me go to all these concerts and also twice to Dweezilla)
Music and Photography
What is television ?
The Boston Strangler, Spinal Tap, My Dinner With Jimi (for the story of Mark Volman and Howard Kaylan before they were in the Mothers, a must-see !), and a must-see !)
Zappa ! I saw Frank 11 times (his last 11 concerts in Paris) and ZPZ 38 times so far... (3 times in France, 12 in the UK and 23 in the USA). I am hoping to catch a few more shows in the US next january or february, and many more after that ! Also I love the Stones (saw them 58 times), Blues, and a lot of other stuff, and Update : I saw the Stones 59 times now... and ZPZ 59 times too !
About me:

Dweezilla 1 & 2 participant, already signed up for Dweezilla 3 !!!!!!

  • Thierry

    ZPZ Withdrawal time seems to be coming to an end......
    I still need a final tiny bit of confirmation, but it looks very much like I'm going tot the Montreal/Quebec/Rimouski shows, and also probably the New York City Halloween show !!!!!

    And later Belgium and Netherland...

    And finally the Roxy shows in L.A. !!!!

    Now how can it be any better, ha ?...

  • Ago T.

    Hello Thierry...... I`m looking forwards to meeting you at Dweezilla 3.
    When are you landing in New York, do you think we could share a car to Big Indian ?
    Let me know.......are you doing well mon ami?
    Big hug Ago

  • Ago T.

  • DaveOC

    Thanks for the add Thierry. Looks like you are the big traveler for this tour. I look forward to your documentations along the way. Also,thanks for joining the west coast tour group. When I started it I really thought ZPZ would tour all the way to Seattle. I'll post some more info on my plans there,soon.


     CoolThierry,if your going to the N.California shows,there is a bunch of us in the Northern California Zappaphiles thread that stay in touch and get together before and after DZpZ shows.So far I'm going to the Chico,Ca.& Sacramento,CA shows.They fall on Friday & Sat. respectively.So were getting a room in Sac.for Sat. within wakling distance to The Crest Theater.Most of us are on Zappa.com & Zappateers too.Basically a bunch of Zappa Freaks that help each other get to all the shows we can! So,check out that thread and your invited to join us for beer n' pizza and a place to change and shower or sleep,smoke pot,get to know a girl with Far Away Eyes,(what happens at a Zappa concert,stays at a Zappa concert) and have Zappa fun!  The west coast wonderment thread is mostly southern California people going to shows that are a day 1/2 travel time away from up here.

    Great pix,I dig the Flo & Eddie shots,sweet! Say high at either show,either way,

    Music is The Best! 

    Kirk   {-

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