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  • Gary

    Peace to you. Hoping you had a great time seeing DZPZ. You lucky guy. In regards to DZPZs Stage & Front of House Mix. The band members are creating individual mixes for each of their personal in-ear-monitor mixes. This is done so each band member hears the mix the way they like for their live performance. Each individual band members hears their tailored mix for themselves. They tailor their mix themselves with Tablets on a music stand. They also have a physical mixer with slide levers. To the best of my knowledge 8 Channels, so each band member can create their own unique 8 channel mix. The tablets operate wireless or by my guess the physical mixer that is next to the tablet can also be wired to a server running the Air Console system. These Stage Mixes/Band Member In-Ear-Mixes are seperate from Front of House PA mix that Glynn Wood Mixes for the Audeience and FOH Field Recordings. You can read a bit about the AIR Console System in my July 2012 Blog DZPZ - 2012 Summer Tour & Beyond Part 1.

  • stephen j.

    hi got your ticket for cardiff we have cant wait


  • John(Lizweedus)

    Just passing through.

    Hope you and all yours are good and well.

    Take care buddy.

  • David -Just another noodler.......

    Hi Steve

    Thanks for the invite & thanks for the vid.comment.

    I did it a while back now but I think it was just the original album version - I'll check back.

    Cheers, David

  • John F. Ahern

    Liverpool is one of my "bucket list" towns. Wanted to visit since '64.
    Thanks for the invite!

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It's interesting that many people have critised the sound mix in this run of concerts. I went to the VIP soundcheck last year at Bristol and clearly remember a large mixing desk actually on the stage in addition to the mixer......Read more
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Cardiff St Davids Halll - 13th Nov 2012. My 4th time at a ZPZ gig ( 3 times FZ ). Impressions, Not the best venue for ZPZ,the sound was at first a little wooly and indistinct but this did seem to improve as the evening went......Read more
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Hi Sioned   Hope to see you with the band tomorrow,it's great to see a Welsh Zappa connection!......Read more