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I compose and produce music which is my number 1 love. I am working on part 2 of the satzclock. I trade commodities short term for money and invest long term. I was the state chess champion. Composition is the greatest thing on the earth.
  • Steve K.

    The new sounds that are being developed today are astonishing. Creative musicians have yet to even grasp 1% of the implications. These sounds when mixed properly can create states of mind that produce euphoria if heard properly. Take for instance the reverse gate sound that starts prior to the videos at gold money. One might say it is a typical sound, but the complexity of that sample is much deeper than ones that have come before. The new packages have so knocked the ball out of the park as to render almost pathetic a large amount of the prior library of sounds. This is a great time to be alive, truly amazing.


    Steve Kusaba

  • Steve K.

    Trip,  Thanks a lot for checking it out! The Production just came in today so there are actual CDs for the first time. I-tunes should be up in about a week. Good luck!


  • Trip

    Hey Steve,
    I was just over at your site to check out your music samples,they are great. Thanks for telling me to go there.

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