Apparently Pope Jim has been excommunicated from this site. Even more dissappointing is the fact that every single contribution he has made to this site has also been removed. This means his comments on our individual pages, the jokes he posted among the various groups and whatever offending commentary he made leading to his banishment. He has been digitially erased and the only evidence of his existence here is contained in the comments by those of us who remain.

We can only assume he must have crossed the lines of propreity. However, with his complete and total removal, those of us who remain are without guidance or an object lesson of how much was to much. I may be repeating the error of his ways with this post. Who knows? It is not clear what transpired but the result seems extreme and draconian. Farewell Jim, you have left a void.

  • John Schock

    His banishment was a badge of honor.  He knew what he was doing and told us so in his postings.  Whether personal or public, he said what felt and what he was trying to do.  It was sad he had to be censored the way he was.  Those few comments each of us had with him are gone.  Whether it was a joke or commentary, those moments are forever lost.  A bit extreme to say the least.

  • Trip

  • Glenn

    Download Much?

  • Ciaran Cunningham

    ...and so Pope Jim is gone from this site. I like Jim a lot and will miss him. Did he overstep the mark? I would have to answer 'yes' to that question. But he was not alone in doing that. I myself have been guilty of going 'too far' from time to time. And so Jim is gone. In fairness to him and also to those of you who are newer members of the site, please remember that although he was tossed for bullying comments, the  man himself was the very antithesis of a bully and your view of him should not be based solely on the circumstances of his departure. His comments were often witty, well-observed, funny and, yes, sometimes harsh; perhaps nevermore so that when directed at himself. I believe that, inasmuch as one can be said to 'know' someone via an internet site, I got to know Jim through not just his comments on DZW but also though the personal e-mails we share and will continue to share. He'll not be happy at this, but I got a sense of someone who is sometimes lonely and who preferred some of the rough and tumble of the commentary here to the silence that people who live alone are all too familar with. This is not a plea for reinstatement nor is it meant to ameliorate the situation or to lessen the effects of Jim's comments. I simply want to note that Jim is my friend and that like most people I know has done things that make me cringe. But the thing is, he's not (nor should he be) defined by those things. I know Jim has been hurt by his banishment but, equally, he also understands why it happened. He will be missed here by some and not by others...thats just the way it is. And just the way Jim is. You either get him or you don't. Warts 'n' all. 

  • Dweezil

    When someone is removed from the site their whole profile is deleted automatically. It's the way the system works. No time or thought went into the removal of each individual posting. If you miss your buddy then perhaps you might consider writing him some pen pal letters. On this site I will not tolerate bullying. Jim received many warnings about this and ignored them. He and anyone else who acts like him will not be welcome here. That is hardly draconian. Drama much?