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  • Peter S.

    Cosette: I´m totaly hooked on the digital. You can see the result at once and afterward you can correct things in the computer. But it can bee sheaper and easier to start with film. It´s moore important to learn about composition, the digital can´t learn that. But who am I to say anything, do what feels right for you.

  • Cosette S.

    August 27, 2012


    One of my favorites.... this photograph! :)

    An acquaintance of mine sent me one of his prints recently.  Hint, Hint. :)

    He does a lot of nature shots as well. I am currently looking into a Photography school.

    Alas, not sure if I have the time to take the course. I can do the class on the Internet, but still not sure of the time to invest.

    Are you doing Digital exclusively? I am still using traditional cameras. I have not tried digital yet with the exception of my cell phone camera.

    Let me know what you think the advantages of Digital as opposed to the Traditional way of doing photography with traditional 35 milimeter.

    The photography school I am looking at does not start the students with digital photography at all. They want SLR Cannon cameras. That is their suggestion.

    What do you think?





  • Andrew B.

    These are awesome!!!!!

  • Peter S.

    In the rain so I could catch the raindrops from the flowers.

  • ccgwoodworks

    nice time of day..