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  • Phil

    upper deck tickets were not sold ...... don't know why


    Not sold out! Hmm.I saw Buddy Rich with Ten years After.Man that cat could play the drums up one side of the palm tree and down the other! That there's a country wittisism.Nice lookin' place,looks built for sound. Cool,thanx manx. {-

  • Phil

    Dz Large


    this beautiful 2200 theatre has some of the most amazing acoustics ... Harry Chapin played here years ago the video must be out there ..... Dweezil and the band would rock this house and this city! Frank played the local university twice in the sixties ..... there was an amazing music scene in the 60's an 70's in Hamilton. Pink Floyd did their DSOTM finale in 1975 in the Hammer, I saw Buddy Rich in 1973. Ronnie Hawkins, The Band, Rush, Triumph, Down Child Blues Band, these guys played our high schools  have you seen the movie "Festival Express"? .... gawd I miss those days ....